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TCM Wealth Advisors practices a collaborative, interactive approach to help build and maintain lifelong client relationships. Our distinctive approach unifies financial planning and investment management in a customized process to help build and conserve wealth throughout your lifetime and beyond.

We understand that your individual financial situation is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. By taking the time necessary to appreciate the nuances involved with your current financial circumstances as well as understanding your short and long-term goals, we aim to simplify the management of your financial affairs while providing solutions to meet your unique financial needs.   

Our process is consistent and flows through the following five steps:

1. Discovery Meeting

If you're interested in becoming a client of TCM Wealth Advisors, we’ll meet with you to discover where there’s a sound basis for working together. Our first meeting is an exploration of your current financial situation, values, goals, hopes, and dreams as well as your expectations for a successful financial advisory relationship.  We’ll share our financial planning process, investment strategies and approach for managing your finances. There’s no charge for this initial meeting. If we can help you, we'll let you know how. If you'd like our help, you can let us know when. It's that simple.

2. Planning Process

Once we’ve decided to work together, we partner with you to design a plan to bring your core values and financial goals into proper alignment. This involves reviewing your financial data, gaining an understanding of your risk tolerance and clarifying your financial and life goals. With that knowledge and information in hand, we construct a financial and investment plan that lays out the steps necessary to help you achieve your financial and life objectives.

3. Portfolio Design & Strategy

Before we design a long-term investment strategy for you, we take great care in understanding your risk tolerance as well as your risk capacity. Risk tolerance is the amount of risk you are comfortable taking with your investments. Risk capacity, on the other hand, is the amount of risk you can afford to take based on the amount of money you are willing or able to lose. Your risk capacity is directly related to your available resources and your ability to withstand losses without jeopardizing your future financial goals and lifestyle. Just because you are willing or able to take on additional risk doesn't necessarily mean you should. 

4. Financial & Investment Plan Implementation

We believe the most important part of completing a financial plan is implementing the financial plan. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure every aspect of your financial plan is implemented completely and appropriately. We'll also work with your other professional advisors where appropriate, such as meeting with your attorney to help you update your estate plan. 

5. Ongoing Collaboration and Communication 

We pride ourselves in maintaining consistent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We will meet with you by phone or in person at a pre-determined time throughout the year to make sure your financial and investment plan is on track. If you have any questions or concerns in between meetings, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are here for you and your family, and you can call on us at any time.

Our Compensation

TCM Wealth Advisors offers its services on a fee-only basis to individuals and institutions, which, depending upon the nature of the services you desire, may include hourly fees, project fees, fixed fees and fees that are based upon assets under management. We are completely independent and receive no commissions, soft dollars or direct or indirect fees for recommending specific products. We work for you, not for a brokerage firm, trust company, investment bank or insurance company.